City Wide Maintenance

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City Wide Maintenance of Cincinnati is located in Ft. Wright but provides janitorial cleaning and building maintenance services to businesses located throughout Northern Kentucky, Cincinnati , Southeast Indiana and Dayton, OH. The company manages client services which eliminates the headaches of dealing with multiple vendors. Their innovative computerbased management system drives accountability and allows managers and customers to monitor their projects. A recent survey shows that working with City Wide Maintenance saves customers four to six hours per week.


The company which opened in 2003 with 3 employees has grown to 11 employees and has increased sales exponentially. Employees are rewarded for their performance and the relationships they cultivate with their customers. The sales staff adds new customers each month and the operati ons staff consistently retains over 90% of their customers.


Finally, City Wide Maintenance of Cincinnati is a leader in providing “green” products and services to their clients. They have developed a program with several levels of green cleaning and maintenance to meet the needs of the customers and create a more sustainable environment without impacting the bottom line.

“Right now green isn’t the norm but society is beginning to expect businesses to be more socially responsible. Therefore, we want to be proactive with our services and offer environmentally friendly services,” said Brent Degenhardt, Vice President.

City Wide Maintenance plans to expand beyond Northern Kentucky and Cincinnati .  “In five years, City Wide Maintenance hopes to not only increase our market share in both the Northern Kentucky and Cincinnati markets, but also expand our reach to other markets. We will do this through growth of our existing clients and new clients and continuing to add the right people to our outstanding team,” said Degenhardt.


City Wide Maintenance

1671 Park Road
Fort Wright, KY, KY 41011
(859) 331-6500



One Quality Street, Suite 635
Lexington, KY 40507