Celerity Automation - Paintsville, KY

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Celerity Automation, established in 2002, is deeply rooted in Paintsville.  The founders and managers worked together for years as employees of Ward Engineering, a leader in designing and developing large scale plant production equipment and manufacturing equipment. The LTV direct drive technology was originally designed and developed by the Ward Engineering team. After securing the intellectual property for this invention, Celerity Automation was formed with the plan to redesign and repackage this technology for high volume manufacture and introduction into multiple industry markets.

Celerity Automation has the potential to revolutionize the material handling industry with the “direct drive” linear transfer vehicle (LTV), an unmanned, flat car that travels on magnetic rails in warehouses carrying pallets loaded with tons of material. This technology is also helping Celerity Automation grow their workforce. They started with five employees and have added more than 25 more.

“We have all seen the recent job losses in the region due to major companies shutting down or moving out of the area, but there is a long history of talent-loss associated with this part of Kentucky. Over the years, we have lost a lot of skilled and talented people to other regions and states, mainly due to the lack of opportunity,” said Michael Maynard, Celerity Automation President. “We hope Celerity can help reverse that trend, by creating new job opportunities across a wide spectrum of career-interests and help bring that talent back home.”

Celerity Automation’s licensing agreement states that 51% of business must stay in Johnson County which creates additional impact for Eastern Kentucky. “Through job creation, the revenue and tax dollars generated by our company and the related companies it spawns in secondary support operations, as vendors of goods and services, will have a major impact on the economy of our region, for both its residents and existing businesses,” said Maynard.

485 Ponderosa Drive
Paintsville, KY 41240-8558
(606) 789-8511




One Quality Street, Suite 635
Lexington, KY 40507