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Digitech Services Inc, founded in 1988, has grown from a company off ering business software to small businesses to one of the leading software companies for corrections facilities and law enforcement offices. Owner David Ogles served in the air force and was stationed near Austin, TX. During his time in Austin, he became heavily involved with computers.   Instead of opening his business in Texas, Ogles decided he wanted to bring the knowledge he gained back to Kentucky.

Their flagship product, JailTracker, was designed in 2002 as a direct request from the local jail in Barren County. Since then, Digitech Services Inc has become the leading jail management solution in Kentucky and has expanded into several other states including Tennessee, Louisiana, Mississippi and New Jersey. With this growth, Digitech Services Inc has added several sustainable high-tech jobs. In fact, the business prides itself on the fact they have never had an employee file for unemployment for their 22 year history.

“It’s a huge success to create a sustainable job with a career path, particularly in this economy and in Kentucky which has traditionally been focused on more agricultural industries,” said David Ogles, owner of Digitech Services Inc.

The company takes a proactive approach to managing customers relationships which also helps them be on the forefront of new regulations and reporting procedures impacting corrections. They have quarterly user group meetings where users come together and provide direction on what is working and what is not working. Additionally, Digitech Services Inc spends a considerable amount of time attending to conferences to ensure they are on top of things affecti ng the law enforcement market.

Digitech Services, Inc.
614 Columbia Ave.
Glasgow, Ky. 42141



One Quality Street, Suite 635
Lexington, KY 40507