The Combs Group

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John and Susan Combs purchased what was originally CBJ Plating & Machine and transformed it into a full-service machine, equipment and component facility. The company now called, The Combs Group Inc. - CBJ Machine and Hydraulics (CGI) specializes in industrial chrome plating and is one of only a handful of companies in the Southeastern United States that have the ability to plate rods up to 30 feet in length.

After purchasing the business, CGI rebuilt and expanded the capacity of the chrome plating facility, added a motor exchange program and now offer new and refurbished mining equipment components. The addition of these services and products has caused sales to double and required the addition of 20 employees.

Growth is expected to continue as CGI has recently completed a prototype design of a haulage frame that can be used in the underground mining fields of Canada.

“Our biggest success is being able to bring new life into an existing second stage company. We were able to accomplish this adding an innovative product line that has been widely accepted and allowed us to expand our products and services into several states and Canada,” said John Combs, owner.

CGI is devoted to ensuring the sati sfacti on of their employees.  Employees participate in training programs offered through Southeast Kentucky Community & Technical College. Additionally, employees make decisions as to what non-profit organization CGI should support.

“I really believe in the workforce in Southeast Kentucky. It has been a pleasure to watch our employees confidence grow as they realize we can compete with anyone,” said Combs.

The Combs Group, Inc. - CBJ Machine & Hydraulic
14 Swanson Lane
Highway 25E North

Middlesboro, KY 40965



One Quality Street, Suite 635
Lexington, KY 40507